LUMC, the Netherlands

Tasks in the project:
LUMC will contribute to work packages 1,2,5 and 6
WP1 : Cell culture-based discovery of antiviral inhibitors and their mechanism of action
WP2 : Antiviral targets in complex with RNA and inhibitors
WP5 : Exploitation and route-to-market
WP6 : Coordination

  Human resources UVE

  • Prof. E.J. Snijder, PI (M), molecular virologist; - A.teVelthuis, Ph.D. st. (M), coronavirus enzymology;
  • Dr C.C. Posthuma (F), coronavirus antivirals; - Prof. A.E. Gorbalenya, PI (M), bioinformatician and molecular virologist;
  • Dr M.J. van Hemert (M), alphavirus antivirals;
  • C. Lauber, Ph.D. st. (M), bioinformatician;;- J.C. Zevenhoven, technician (F), coronaviruses;
  • A.Tas, technician (M), alphaviruses;

Albinusdreef 2,
2333 ZA Leiden, The Netherlands.
Tél: +31 (0) 71 526 1657. fax: +31 (0) 71 526 1652.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Programme (FP7 2007/2013) under grant agreement n°260644-SILVER