Work Packages

The project will focus its activities on three priority virus groups, responsible of major human viral diseases for which the development of drugs is considered essential: flaviviridae (Dengue), picornaviridae (enterovirus 71) and paramyxoviridae (RCV and hMPV). On the other hand, exploratory researches will be performed on other virus families that have the potential to cause epidemics, like the arenaviruses group, alphaviruses, bunyaviruses, coronaviruses and noroviruses .

The SILVER project contains 6 work packages.

  Exploitation and route-to-market:

Knowledge management and IPR issues will be the responsibility of the IPR manager, also co-coordinator of the project. The IPR governing document will be the SILVER Consortium Ageement, to be signed by the partners and the Potential Beneficiaries prior to the start of the project.(see part B.3.2 for details) The dissemination of results and awareness of the project through rigorous notification will be balanced by an efficient Intellectual Property (IP) policy and an obligation of protection and validation of the Foreground. The main objective of this work package is thus to create a balance between these criteria. i)Knowledge management and IPR tasks More specifically, these will involve coordination of the following activities: 1-The management of the foreground IP generated: a.Continuous identification of the results that should be protected (through patents or copyrights) and by whom they should be protected (in the case of multiple participants appropriate negotiations will take place to formalise joint ownership agreements). b.Continuous identification of the results that can be disseminated (through publications, conferences, workshops, transfers of technology); 2-Analysis of end-user requirements and potential market to define an exploitation strategy 3-The management of the Project Consortium Agreement (amendments and updates), Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) and confidentiality-related issues. ii)Technology Transfer Platform (TTP) Access to SILVER Foreground IP will be organized for external users both from the academic and industrial community via a unique entry point. The TTP will promote its activities to the industrial and academic scientific community and will be responsible for establishing a dedicated website including the description of the SILVER project, promotion promotion through presentations, contracting issues, products available and information on SILVER meetings.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Programme (FP7 2007/2013) under grant agreement n°260644-SILVER