Pike Pharma GmbH, Pike, Switzerland

Tasks in the project:
GmbH will contribute to work packages 1,3,5 and 6
WP1 : Cell culture-based discovery of antiviral inhibitors and their mechanism of action
WP3 : Target-directed discovery of antivirals
WP5 : Exploitation and route-to-market
WP6 : Coordination

  Human resources

  • Dr Beatrice Pilger, PhD, (F), Chief Scientific Officer, Professional in Pharmaceutical Medicine SwAPP.Doctoral studies at the ETH Zurich, postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School. Formerly leading the medical unit as Medical Director at Grunenthal Pharma Switzerland. Long-term experience in molecular virology, antiviral drug discovery and clinical development.
  • Dr Ulrich Kessler, PhD, (M), Chief Executive Officer, Doctoral studies at the ETH Zurich, postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School. Professional experience in management consultancy, biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. Long-term experience in early drug discovery, R&D project management,regulatory affairs and business development.
  • Dr Sten Strunze, Senior Scientist, (M), Doctoral studies at University of Zurich, postdoctoral studies in Norway. Focus on assay development, high throughput screening and compound characterization.
  • Dr Charlene Ranadheera, Senior Scientist, (F), Senior Scientist, doctoral studies in Winnipeg in virology in BSL 4 facilities, focus on antiviral profiling, animal studies, testing of viral strains requiring BSL 4 units.

PiKe Pharma GmbH,
Wagistrasse 27a,CH-8952 Schlieren, Switzerland.
Tél: +41 44 633 73 53.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Programme (FP7 2007/2013) under grant agreement n°260644-SILVER